Filmaster Private Beta starts… now!


The big day is today. We’ve been working hard for the last year to bring you the best movie community website on the Planet and today you have a unique chance to start using Filmaster before the official release is rolled out!

The url is:

The passphrase is… well… it’s so easy that if you are a real film buff, you’ll guess it immediately. However, if you can’t guess it, just register for beta-testing at and we’ll probably grant you access soon (you’ll get an e-mail).

What we’re showing today is an almost-complete version of the website. There may be a few places with silly translations (or no translation at all — remember that the website has started in Polish first, 2 months ago) and some features are missing (check the roadmap to know more), but the functionality is more-or-less complete and we’re committed to release the public beta version (accessible to anyone, without a password) in a month time.

Any questions? Use the comments or our twitter/ accounts to ask them!

The Filmaster Team

Adam & Borys