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Internet is talking about Filmaster Mobile

After our launch at SXSW Interactive quite a few articles appeared on the Internet covering Filmaster Mobile.
TheNextWeb called us Foursquare for cinemagoers and wrote:

I find Filmaster’s personalised recommendations based on nearby screenings are incredibly useful. While I probably won’t be using the app to meet up with other users, it’s certainly an idea worth pursuing. I know several hardcore film fans who often go to the cinema alone because their appetite for movies is much greater than their friends’.

TIME Magazine predicts that Filmaster App will make Moviegoing More Social and finished quirkly:
Soon, you’ll never have to leave the house to find people to meet when you finally decide to leave the house.

Filmaster was also featured in GearLive’s AppStore section and on FeedMyApp catalog and GigaOM mentioned us as an example of “the foursquare-ification of everything”:
Checking in has clearly become the flavor of the day, whether it’s location (Foursquare itself), television (Miso), cinema (Filmaster) or games.

What’s even more cool, two Spanish blogs covered us in articles Filmaster, ver películas, hacer reseñas y compartir! ( and Filmaster, el Foursquare de las películas (GeeksRoom), one French (Filmaster, le Foursquare pour les films ( and one Turkish website: Sinema Filmlerine Check in – Filmaster (
Obviously, multiple Polish websites covered Filmaster as this is where we’re from. This includes mainstream media like, Dziennik Internautow, Media2, Orange blog, and essential Apple blogs:, AppleMania, MyApple and others.
Thank you!
And if you still don’t have a Filmaster iPhone app, download it rightaway!
PS. We’re made Top 25 Enternainment!

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